Click Menu, We Can See The Search Contacts, Create, Display Options, And Account Management Design, Of Course, Through Export And Import Options We Can Also Back Up Our Contacts In Order To Avoid Loss.

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6. Through contacts we can easily customize contacts to M98A tablet, according to the latest google play apk prompt you can simply build new contact records.Through built-in browser, we can easily access the network, but the built-in browser function key is not very rich, so if consumers want access to the Internet , you can install other browsers. 4. Support multi-format video playback Of course, Tablet PC's video playback capabilities is great importance for many users, and this M98A Tablet PC also supports 720p video playback, thanks to the use of Rockchip RK2818 , the decoding function of M98A online apk downloader from google play link is also very good.It is loaded with Android 2.1, thin seashells design, wireless wifi, 2G RAM, and its 7-inch LCD high-definition touchscreen is satisfactory enough to watch all kinds of movies. Click Menu, we can see the search contacts, create, display options, and account management design, of course, through export and import options we can also back up our contacts in order to avoid loss. M98A can not only solve the problem of watching television, but also it can let us chat online.